Carly Rae Summers is Ivy Valentine from Soulcalibur

Ivy Valentine is surely the video game character with the sexier uniform. In Soul Calibur, she’s the illegitimate daughter of undead pirate Cervantes de Leon but she was raised in London by the Valentines, a noble family. But her father became obsessed with the cursed sword, Soul Edge, and it led him to death. Unfortunately, her mother followed him shortly afters. So, Ivy decided to destroy the sword creating the famous segmented and animated blade. Doing this, she only became Soul Edge’s next host. To cosplay the famous warrior, VRCosplayX studio has chosen the gorgeous english pornstar Carly Rae Summers. With her sexy purple suit on, Ivy Valentine is waiting for you in her manor with her famous snake blade on her hand. And if you’re lucky enough to have a VR headset, the busty babe will also ride your joystick!


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