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Tanya is Harley Quinn from Batman

Unlike her Suicide Squads appearance, Harley Quinn’s look in the Batman comic books and animes is this one inspired from a joker card. Cosplay Mate model Tanya is pleased to bring to life the DC Comics character. While getting nude from her Harley Quinn cosplay suit, the beautiful cosplay girl doesn’t forget to express some […]

Nataliya is Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail

After Erza Scarlet, time for a new Fairy Tail character to get nude for your pleasure. Cosplay Mate model Nataliya has endorsed the uniform of the sexy mage Lucy Heartfilia. Wearing her Celestial Spirit Gate Keys at her belt and playing with her black whip, the lovely blonde reveals her nude body from her cosplay […]

Andronine & Sophie in Street Fighter Cammy versus Chun-Li

Time for a Street Fighter game, Cammy versus Chun-Li. The two cosplay babes Andronine and Sophie are back with their respective uniforms. But this fight isn’t as the Capcom video game one. None of the two characters has to win and you will be the winner. Looking at Cammy and Chun-Li getting nude while fighting […]

Salem is Jinx from League Of Legends

With a blue wig and a sexy suit, Cosplay Mate model Salem is Jinx, the Loose Cannon from League of Legends. Bullets on her belts, black boots, only one pink sock, the cosplay babe is true to the famous online game character. But, as always, what you prefer is when the girl gets nude for […]

Tanya is Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Member of the team Natsu, Erza Scarlet, nicknamed Titania, is a S-Class mage from the Fairy Tail guild. For Cosplay Mate, Tanya brings to life the famous anime character. Wearing only bandages on her torso and a baggy red samoura├» pants, the sexy cosplay model plays with two katanas while geting nude for our best […]

Sophie is Chun-Li from Street Fighter II

And here is a new Chun-Li nude cosplay gallery! Cosplay Mate model Sophie is back but with the famous Street Fighter character uniform on this time. Don’t worry, our cosplay hot girl won’t keep her uniform too long and she exactly knows what to do to tease you with it while getting nude. Click HERE […]

Isabella is Kitana from Mortal Kombat

When some like Street Figther, others prefer Mortal Kombat created by Midway Games and now managed by Warner Bros. For Cosplay Mate, brunette model Isabella is Lady Kitana the famous Shao Kahn’s personal assassin. Wearing her blue uniform from Mortal Kombat II, the sexy ninja is teasing you with her famous steel fans. But once […]

Sophie is Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Yuna is a summoner from Final Fantasy X and the main character of Final Fantasy X-2. Despite the Square Enix game has been released in 2001, with all the HD remastered versions recently launched, all the characters are still in the fan’s mind. For Cosplay Mate, beautiful model Sophie wears Yuna famous uniform and carries […]

Andronine is Cammy from Street Fighter II

When it comes to Street Fighter II, you can’t speak about Chun-Li without introducing Cammy. In the 1993 version of their famous video game, Capcom introduced four new challengers and so Cammy White is the second female fighter of the serie. With her famous long braided pigtails, red beret, red gloves, black boots and green […]

Kira Lake is Lulu from League of Legends

For Cosplay Mate, cosplay hot girl Kira Lake is Lulu, the Fae Sorceress from League of Legends. With a black wooden staff, purple hair and the proper suit, the beautiful model is true to the character. But unlike the famous mage Lulu, Kira Lake has an extra power, to bewitch you. To do so, she […]

Kasey Olsen is Ahri From League Of Legends

New generations are much more used playing League of Legend than Street Fighter. So here is the beautiful Kasey Olsen in the suit of Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox from LOL. The powerful mage is surely one of the sexiest League of Legend female characters to cosplay. Of course, nine tails always trouble the subconscious of […]

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